Rituals for (re)Charging the Modern Empath Spirit

Rituals for (re)Charging the Modern Empath Spirit
By Jenn Moonflower

If you have ever felt like you needed some sage smudge to accompany you on a trip to the mall, you may be of empathic nature. Google considers an Empath, by definition, to be an individual with an extraordinary and paranormal ability to feel into the emotions of another being. The internet may define Empath’s and the feeling of empathy as a science fictional characteristic, however, more and more people today are associating themselves with empathic traits in the complex reality we exist in. 

How do you know you are blessed with empathic abilities? You may find your energy and emotions are enhanced, elated or energized when surrounded by energetic and expressive people. This may fuel your positive vibes, but sometimes this may skyrocket your sensitive system into overwhelm. On the other end of the colourful empathic spectrum, you may find yourself crying someone else’s tears and shedding their emotional baggage. Perhaps you have tried to categorize yourself and mulled over if you are a confident introvert or a shy extrovert and this may shift depending on the weather/season, your surroundings and your chosen company. 

It is most important for an empath to learn to distinguish between what is theirs, truly, and what they interpret as their own through external information and stimulation of the senses. Being influenced by empathy is a gift and when people of empathic nature learn to understand and navigate the boundaries between their emotions and another's, there is a deep and beautiful power to be unlocked and harnessed within. However, it takes consistent practice, dedication and development of ritual and structure for one to attain and harness these gifts for a higher purpose. The idea of “routine” can pose a threat to beings with an empathic spirit, who tend to gravitate towards lifestyles of freedom. However, developing a self-care and daily ritual practice tailored to the individual can do wonders in furthering personal freedom and mental clarity. Everyone is unique, especially when it comes to empathic beings, so it is important to tune into self and cultivate an awareness around what practices truly serve you.

Empathic beings benefit tremendously when given self permission and space to cultivate self care and inward practices. The stronger their ability to strengthen and dive in to stillness within, the stronger their ability to radiate this power from the inside out.  

Suggested Self Preserving Practices for All Empaths ::

▷ Set Boundaries, know your triggers and get comfortable saying “No”.

▷ Develop and set Non-Negotiables and practice them daily. Non-negotiables can be minor, but are significant in protecting and strengthening energy of an Empath (and anyone, really). Some examples of non-negotiable practices may be :: 
~ Cold Shower in the morning
~ Water the plants before making breakfast
~ Meditate for atleast 10 minutes after waking
~ Offer gratitude 

▷ No-Technology Times. With the mass of information bombardment and over stimulation on our smart phones and social media, the info overload can weigh down and cloud an empathic mind. Take time and space in the morning and evening to declutter your mental state from the influence of others stories to get clear on your own.

Set an intention for the day, develop an I AM statement. Be clear with your intention and watch the magic unfold throughout your day.

There are many themes that can correlate and translate to an empathic being. We can work within the elements, the Ayurvedic constitutions, the zodiac system, the chakra system etc .. when it comes down to it, these practices are all intricate expressions of a similar truth, one that does not require language and one that an empath can read into without the definitions. To keep things simple and relatable, I will break down and offer some simple rituals into the physical, energetic/emotional and mental/spiritual realms. 

Rituals for Physical Restoration // Establishing a physical ritual of cleansing yourself can help to shed the weight of others energies.

▷ Dry Skin brushing (Ayurvedic Practice) 
▷ Bathing + Self-Care Practice
▷ Physical Exercise 
▷ Yoga (Yin/Restorative)
▷ Breathwork + Pranayama
▷ Pranayama (Nadi Shodhana - alternate nostril breathing or Kapablbhati - Breath of Fire)

Rituals for Energetic & Emotional Restoration //

▷ Smudging w/ Sage, Palo Santo, Tobacco etc.

▷ Connecting w/ Nature

▷ “Cutting Cords” visualization practice

▷ EFT Tapping (TCM & Eastern Practices)

▷ Reiki + Energy Work

▷ “Zipping-up” Energy

Rituals for Mental & Spiritual Restoration  //

▷ Daily Journaling or expressing through creative outlets

▷ Setting Daily Intention

▷ Creating Sacred Space in your home. Clear space = clear mind and free flowing energy with out physical blocks. Your external mirrors your internal and your internal projects and perceives the external. 

▷ Meditation Practices + Rituals 

When an empath is in alignment, they possess great depth for witnessing true states of self and feeling into others. When boundaries are established, they can develop the ability to navigate inner and external realms within themselves and through connection with others. Empaths tend to have the draw to express themselves as artists, entreprenuers, writers, health and wellness practitioners and other self-pursued creative pursuits. They tend to have a curiosity for life and a tendency to explore it. Empaths can suffer from anxiety and adrenal burn out and the tendency to self-isolation. 


A Recipe for Restoring the Empath Spirit //

▷ 16oz Astragalus Tea w/ Rose Petals
▷ 1 tsp Reishi Extract Powder
▷ 1 Tbsp Coconut Butter
▷ 1 Tbsp Goji Berries
▷ 1 Tbsp Cacao Paste (optional)
▷ 1 tsp Kava Kava Extract (optional)
▷ 1 tsp Ashwaghanda Powder (optional) 

Boil & Simmer Astragalus root with added rose petals. You can also add KAva Kava Root to boil, if you prefer it over the optional extract. In a blender, add Reishi, Coconut Butter, Goji Berries and any optional boosters. Add in hot astragalus + rose tea. Blend at high speed and pour into your favourite mug. Hold at your heart for a moment and set an intention or tap into the feeling tone of gratitude. Sip & enjoy. 


A Ritual for (re)Charging the Modern Empathic Spirit //

▷ Meditation + Binaural Beats (Brain Entrainment) 

What you need ::
~ A yoga Mat or Meditation Cushion
~ 10 - 30 minutes of uninterrupted space
~ Headphones + laptop or smartphone
~ 2 of your favourite crystals or sacred talismans (optional)

Set aside 10 - 30 minutes first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed. 

Find a binaural beats track on youtube. You can literally search for any emotion/mental state you want to expand into. Gamma brain wave entrainment while heighten your flow state, energy, clarity and mental focus/concentration, where as Theta brain wave entrainment will induce relaxation, stress-release and promote healing within the parasympathetic nervous system. Choose a track according to the time/space you want to resonate with. I personally prefer the curated Binaural Beats albums by Aubrey Marcus + Corey Allen. Make sure you listen to your binaural beats track in headphones. Sit in a tall and comfortable seat on your mat or cushion. Open booth your hands on your knees and place a crystal in each hand. Start your binaural beats track, take several grounding, cleansing and releasing deep breaths and then allow yourself to be charged and recharged by the brain entrainment and crystals. Breathe naturally and open yourself to the meditative state.