Cosmic Heart Tincture 1.0 oz

Cosmic Heart Tincture 1.0 oz

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COSMIC HEART - Cacao Adaptogen Tincture //

Ingredients :: Wild-Harvested Canadian Chaga Mushroom {inonotus obliquus} + Full Spectrum Reishi Mushroom Extract {ganoderma lucidum} + Balinese Cacao {theobroma cacao} + Madagascar Vanilla {v. planifolia} + Organic Alchohol + Quartz Crystal Essence

Usage :: 1 dropper full, 3 times daily

Dual -Extraction, 40% alcohol.

Made w/ Organic, Non-Gmo, Gluten-Free Alcohol + Ingredients

High in bioavailable Magnesium and Iron.
Adaptogenic support for endorcryne system.
Supports cramps, muscles, brain function and heart health.